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Pandas Basics by Practice

97 minute read |

This is an overview of very basic pandas functions by using notebook below. One can get a basic understanding of pandas and then can move ahead to more advanced courses. The Python notebook is available here. [Read more]

Sharing my bookmarks

less than 1 minute read |

Over last couple of years I added bunch of links to useful resources on current technology on a wide variety of topics that include Machine Learning, Statistics, Probability, Mathematics, Arduino, Distributed systems and many more. A goo... [Read more]



Presentation on Starting Up

less than 1 minute read |

Here’s the presentation for the talk delivered to students (too young!) of AIS, Saket. Tried to make them familiar with Start-up phenomenon. [Read more]

JVM Off-heap Caching Libraries

less than 1 minute read |

Here’s another gem from Snapdeal Engineering blog : analysis and comparison of different off-heap caching solutions and performs benchmarking for their use-case. The Blog post describes benchmarking & analysis of concurrent hashmap (... [Read more]



Facebook Auto-tagging and Happy New Year!

less than 1 minute read |

Posted some images last week on Facebook and it suggested to tag some friends in those pictures… and, Facebook was damn accurate in recognizing those people! I was like…wow! WTF! The future flashed right in. [Read more]

The Work-Gyan Balance for Bootstrapped Entrepreneurs

1 minute read |

A lot has been written about work-life balance. However, another balance that an entrepreneur needs to keep is the “work-gyan balance“.  As an entrepreneur your primary goal is to get shit done – the work; and the secondary is to remain ... [Read more]

Sales Tips for Indian Startups from #PNMeetup

1 minute read |

Here’s the collection of sales tips for Indian startups from the wonderful #PNMeetup session on Saturday (19-Jan) by productnation.  Most tips would be for Indian market and B2B in general but might have a correlation to general sales as... [Read more]

The 2013

less than 1 minute read |

Continuing with the trend of past years – 2011 & 2012, here come new year resolutions for the year 2013. As the grind and excitement of year 2012 continues, it is going to be “the” year: [Read more]


Is Timesdeal leak story a marketing super-shot?

1 minute read |

Just read a story about the Timesdeal Coupon leak here and followed by a quick update from timesdeal that they would honor all deals. The problem apparently was with some internal coupon that got leaked out on the Internet. [Read more]

Tomcat – Sharing of Session Cookies across Subdomains

less than 1 minute read |

Since I have multiple microsites i.e. subdomains on , I needed a way for users to be logged-in to one subdomain and then access other subdomains without having to login again. I found out that it is fairly easy to achieve it ... [Read more]

Nice infographic on how to sell online

less than 1 minute read |

Nice amusing inforgraphic on what, why and where to sell your online products! Covers, rather funnily all online destinations including Craiglist, Etsy, Twitter, Adwords, Amazon and many more… Quite creative! [Read more]

Another Facebook Ad pleading for click?

less than 1 minute read |

Spotted one Facebook ad from some Internet company. This is amusing. Can we be plain arbitrary or even mischievous to get better CTR for Facebook Ads? Is this probably why there is so much being said about Facebook Ads lately? [Read more]

A day with Indian e-commerce for my Inbox

less than 1 minute read |

My Inbox goes for a treat with India e-commerce everyday and here is a typical day with all these e-commerce deals and dealmakers! (personal mails masked intentionally in the picture. Oh yes, I do get personal mails) [Read more]

SEO… huh? An Experiment with SEO

1 minute read |

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was never my cup of tea so I thought why not try a bit? I was amazed to see the power of SEO in bringing huge (huge for an experiment) traffic. [Read more]

Shortest Horror Story

less than 1 minute read |

On a beautiful cold winter day, he was enjoying hot shower closing his eyes as if cherishing the waterfall. [Read more]


My Book Wishlist

less than 1 minute read |

A collection of must read books on computer science, technology, entrepreneurship, business, product design & strategy. My wishlist from flipkart: [Read more]


less than 1 minute read |

10 Things I Learned from Failure [Read more]

Netflix Cloud Architecture

less than 1 minute read |

Here is an extremely useful presentation by Netflix on Netflix’ cloud architecture and why & how they moved to Cloud. [Read more]

Scalability Thumb Rules for Programmers (2011)

less than 1 minute read |

Avoid Synchronization. Keep it short. Use lock-free data structures and those in java.util.concurrent.atomic Use Non-Blocking I/O java.nio package for high-scalability. Use only for very high throughput applications. Single thre... [Read more]

Of Poonam Pandey, Dhoni and Anna Hazare …

less than 1 minute read |

In our cricket crazy country, craziest of the things happen. When the cricket is at its peek, some non-cricketing celebrity (read Poonam Pandey) becomes the talk of the nation and is on Internet everywhere. Don’t know if those searching ... [Read more]

9 Features I am looking for in a Bookmarking website

1 minute read |

Since biggies (Yahoo! Google) of the world keep shutting shops on their not-so-profitable businesses, users are left with no option but to move around or really keep moving from one service to another. Remember when Yahoo Photos closed i... [Read more]

;And comes the New Year Resolution

less than 1 minute read |

Well, it’s never too late! I, at least, had a resolution not to have the same resolutions this year again. So here goes the list. I would: [Read more]


Trying Rockmelt browser…

less than 1 minute read |

Downloaded the new Rockmelt browser aka Facebook browser… trying and experimenting with it’s new features #fb #in [Read more]

Automatically Tag MP3 Music Files

1 minute read |

I have huge collection of music files : around 25% of them not recognizable by their file names or mp3 tags and around 10% of songs probably duplicate. Whenever I wanted to listen my own collection of songs, I ended up wasting all my tim... [Read more]

Profiling and Diagnosing Java Application: Tools

2 minute read |

More often than not at some point of development, and hopefully before production :-), the applications needs to be tuned for performance. For a java/j2ee application the one of the first tasks of performance tuning should include profil... [Read more]

Noida Extension Map

less than 1 minute read |

This Noida Extension Map is an indicative map and does not cover the entire area. [Read more]

Essential Free Apps for Android/Nexus One

5 minute read |

After exploring my Google Nexus One phone based on Android, I could zero-in to these super-essential android apps available free in android market. These apps complete your new Nexus one/Andoid phone: [Read more]