Essential tools : Running and Monetizing a blog or website

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Here is a list of essential and some important  tools for running and Monetizing a website or your blog:

  1. Google Analytics – complete analytics on your website visitors.
  2. Google Adsense – Monetize the website. Display ads on website and earn money.
  3. Google Webmaster Tools – Set of tools to identify keywords for your site, top queries for your site and crawler statistics
  4. Feedburner (now, Google Feedburner) – burn RSS feed of your blog. Comes with many cool features like e-mail subscription, dynamic banner creation etc.
  5. Alexa – Provides traffic and website ranking. A good indicator of website popularity.
  6. Google Custom Search – Implement search on website without hogging your hosting resources. Comes with Ajax and developer API as well.
  7. Google Ad Manager – A tool to manage and sell ad inventory.

This much should get you getting for gooooood! Will keep adding in comments as I encounter more tools.

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