Pandas Basics by Practice

97 minute read |

This is an overview of very basic pandas functions by using notebook below. One can get a basic understanding of pandas and then can move ahead to more advanced courses. The Python notebook is available here. [Read more]

Sharing my bookmarks

less than 1 minute read |

Over last couple of years I added bunch of links to useful resources on current technology on a wide variety of topics that include Machine Learning, Statistics, Probability, Mathematics, Arduino, Distributed systems and many more. A goo... [Read more]

Presentation on Starting Up

less than 1 minute read |

Here’s the presentation for the talk delivered to students (too young!) of AIS, Saket. Tried to make them familiar with Start-up phenomenon. [Read more]

JVM Off-heap Caching Libraries

less than 1 minute read |

Here’s another gem from Snapdeal Engineering blog : analysis and comparison of different off-heap caching solutions and performs benchmarking for their use-case. The Blog post describes benchmarking & analysis of concurrent hashmap (... [Read more]

Facebook Auto-tagging and Happy New Year!

less than 1 minute read |

Posted some images last week on Facebook and it suggested to tag some friends in those pictures… and, Facebook was damn accurate in recognizing those people! I was like…wow! WTF! The future flashed right in. [Read more]

The Work-Gyan Balance for Bootstrapped Entrepreneurs

1 minute read |

A lot has been written about work-life balance. However, another balance that an entrepreneur needs to keep is the “work-gyan balance“.  As an entrepreneur your primary goal is to get shit done – the work; and the secondary is to remain ... [Read more]

Sales Tips for Indian Startups from #PNMeetup

1 minute read |

Here’s the collection of sales tips for Indian startups from the wonderful #PNMeetup session on Saturday (19-Jan) by productnation.  Most tips would be for Indian market and B2B in general but might have a correlation to general sales as... [Read more]

The 2013

less than 1 minute read |

Continuing with the trend of past years – 2011 & 2012, here come new year resolutions for the year 2013. As the grind and excitement of year 2012 continues, it is going to be “the” year: [Read more]