;And comes the New Year Resolution

less than 1 minute read |

Well, it’s never too late! I, at least, had a resolution not to have the same resolutions this year again. So here goes the list. I would: [Read more]

Trying Rockmelt browser…

less than 1 minute read |

Downloaded the new Rockmelt browser aka Facebook browser… trying and experimenting with it’s new features #fb #in [Read more]

Automatically Tag MP3 Music Files

1 minute read |

I have huge collection of music files : around 25% of them not recognizable by their file names or mp3 tags and around 10% of songs probably duplicate. Whenever I wanted to listen my own collection of songs, I ended up wasting all my tim... [Read more]

Profiling and Diagnosing Java Application: Tools

2 minute read |

More often than not at some point of development, and hopefully before production :-), the applications needs to be tuned for performance. For a java/j2ee application the one of the first tasks of performance tuning should include profil... [Read more]

Noida Extension Map

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This Noida Extension Map is an indicative map and does not cover the entire area. [Read more]

Essential Free Apps for Android/Nexus One

5 minute read |

After exploring my Google Nexus One phone based on Android, I could zero-in to these super-essential android apps available free in android market. These apps complete your new Nexus one/Andoid phone: [Read more]