Two Android Apps I was missing badly!

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Finally the two apps that were around the top of my wish-list for android are available. Not fully but at least for now it is a BIG relief:

1. Yahoo Mail for Android

Yahoo finally woke up and released Yahoo Mail app for android. This is one of the most frequently used app on my Android along with GMail so one can gauge the necessity of the app for those having Yahoo Mail account.

Though the app is not as smooth as GMail app and is quite slow, it still scores far far better than checking Yahoo Mail on phone’s browser.

2. (Brut) Google Maps Turn-by-Turn Voice Navigation for India (Unofficial Version)

Although Google has not yet released Turn by Turn voice navigation for India, some developers at xda-developers (  has been able to crack the Google Navigation so that it unlocks the feature for India and other countries as well. This I think is the most awaited android application for India.

I was using the crack earlier as well but the voice was delayed so it was not as useful. Now, in the latest version they have been able to fix this as well so it gives a smooth near-official Google Navigation with voice for India. I tested it in Delhi/Noida roads on Nexus One and it was quite smooth both in GPS locking and rerouting. Google Maps however are yet to cope up with the pace of flyover construction in Delhi/Noida, so be ready for some invalid routing/directions in Google Maps.

This application, however, also contains another useful feature- offline Google Maps. The Brut application keeps caching the Google Maps tiles on SD card so that one does not need to have GPRS/3G connection running all the time; and more usefulwhere there is no network connection.

I wish Google would take a cue or two from the Brut Map and release an official version soon!

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