Automatically Tag MP3 Music Files

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I have huge collection of music files : around 25% of them not recognizable by their file names or mp3 tags and around 10% of songs probably duplicate. Whenever I wanted to listen my own collection of songs, I ended up wasting all my time finding the right songs. 

The music files had MP3 tags like “unknown artist”, “unknown genre” or just artist in place of title or vice versa. When I need to listen to just Kishore or Genre “classic”, I just cannot do it without proper MP3 tags. So I decided to tag files manually and it was a sucker, you just cannot tag MP3 manually for thousands of MP3 music files! So I started looking for an automatic MP3 tagger.

After avoiding tons of free Trojans and malware and so-looking software, I finally found that it could be done using the well trusted Winamp Player in following simple steps:

  • Download and install Winamp Music Player (from )
  • Add the music folder containing all your music to Winamp (or select individual folders and add all your music to Winamp)
  • Select all songs, right click-> send to -> AutoTag
  • This process would take a lot of time as Autotag tries to recognize the music and find labels on Internet (you would need an Internet connection)
  • Check All (even the songs where winamp says “unsure” )
  • Update/Done

And you are done! It works for Hindi music as well! (Note that it does not rename the file names. Sometimes the Album name it finds for the Old Hindi songs might be different from the movie name; it could  find an album name like “Romantic Kishore” etc. as the song might have released later in this album)

Now You can play music in your favorite music player by Genre or Artist and the recommendations in modern music players work best when you have correct Genre & Artists tags.

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