My Book Wishlist

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A collection of must read books on computer science, technology, entrepreneurship, business, product design & strategy. My wishlist from flipkart: [Read more]


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10 Things I Learned from Failure [Read more]

Netflix Cloud Architecture

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Here is an extremely useful presentation by Netflix on Netflix’ cloud architecture and why & how they moved to Cloud. [Read more]

Scalability Thumb Rules for Programmers (2011)

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Avoid Synchronization. Keep it short. Use lock-free data structures and those in java.util.concurrent.atomic Use Non-Blocking I/O java.nio package for high-scalability. Use only for very high throughput applications. Single thre... [Read more]

Of Poonam Pandey, Dhoni and Anna Hazare …

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In our cricket crazy country, craziest of the things happen. When the cricket is at its peek, some non-cricketing celebrity (read Poonam Pandey) becomes the talk of the nation and is on Internet everywhere. Don’t know if those searching ... [Read more]

9 Features I am looking for in a Bookmarking website

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Since biggies (Yahoo! Google) of the world keep shutting shops on their not-so-profitable businesses, users are left with no option but to move around or really keep moving from one service to another. Remember when Yahoo Photos closed i... [Read more]