9 Features I am looking for in a Bookmarking website

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Since biggies (Yahoo! Google) of the world keep shutting shops on their not-so-profitable businesses, users are left with no option but to move around or really keep moving from one service to another. Remember when Yahoo Photos closed its shop few years back? And, I moved to shutterfly, without doing much research and now nearly lost the original resolution of photos.

Yahoo is shutting delicious and out of nowhere I have to look for options and I am frantically searching for a bookmarking site. So far, did not find a site having all features. Either the bookmarking sites are very basic or so advanced that don’t have focus on bookmarks e.g. Evernote.

Here are 9 important features I am looking for in a bookmarking website:

  1. Has sign-on using one of Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter or Google. I just can’t remember any more user id & passwords!
  2. Ability to Tag individual  bookmarks with multiple tags.
  3. Ability to mark individual bookmark as private or public
  4. Auto/One-click sharing with twitter, facebook and other social networking sites.
  5. Plugin available for IE, Chrome, Firefox browsers
  6. Application to sync and share bookmarks on Android phone
  7. Tag-cloud feature to publish tag-cloud on my blog.
  8. RSS for bookmarks (for all bookmarks & for specific tags)
  9. Auto Post to Blog feature to post links of the day to blog using XMLRPC. This feature I loved on delicious.

I think of all the website I found so far, diigo.com is closest “imitation” of delicious. Google has bookmarks but is very basic, they are just using it to store favorites from search results – but I like the idea of search result integration!

Google has already indicated that they would now be considering using “signals” from users to rank their search results (they have still not started using signals from user). I believe, bookmarks entry would be one of the signals. So, if it becomes so important for Google, why doesn’t Google provide above 9 features so that more and more people join Google Bookmarks ultimately helping improve their search results? Some food for thought!

Meanwhile, I keep searching…


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