Reference resources on NoSQL DB

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NoSQL Databases and Comparisons Resources

NoSQL DB is the coolest new thing on the block. It’s worth exploring no matter if it is useful for your website/webapp or not. I searched hard through web of content farms and collected some useful resources on comparison of NoSQL databases and more insights into some popular NoSQL databases such as Cassandra, MongoDB, HBase, Redis and others.

  1. VoltDB
  2. MongoDb Performance and durability
  3. Cassandra vs MongoDb vs Couchdb vs Redis vs Riak vs HBase
  4. MongoDB in Amazon Cloud
  5. Cassandra vs Redis
  6. MongoDB vs Cassandra or other DB
  7. Cassandra vs HBase
  8. HBase for random real time read/write access to bigdata
  9. Hypertable
  10. Memcached
  11. Terracotta

Cassandra Resources:

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