Nice infographic on how to sell online

less than 1 minute read |

Nice amusing inforgraphic on what, why and where to sell your online products! Covers, rather funnily all online destinations including Craiglist, Etsy, Twit...

Another Facebook Ad pleading for click?

less than 1 minute read |

Spotted one Facebook ad from some Internet company. This is amusing. Can we be plain arbitrary or even mischievous to get better CTR for Facebook Ads? Is thi...

A day with Indian e-commerce for my Inbox

less than 1 minute read |

My Inbox goes for a treat with India e-commerce everyday and here is a typical day with all these e-commerce deals and dealmakers! (personal mails masked int...

SEO… huh? An Experiment with SEO

1 minute read |

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was never my cup of tea so I thought why not try a bit? I was amazed to see the power of SEO in bringing huge (huge for an e...

Shortest Horror Story

less than 1 minute read |

On a beautiful cold winter day, he was enjoying hot shower closing his eyes as if cherishing the waterfall.