The year that was, a year that will be…

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2011 – a year that was… splendid

Had a wonderful year mixed with some great vacations, hyper-busy schedule, great times with family. Had couple of long vacations home doing nothing! Had no foreign travel which meant no security checks, no taking off shoes and belts!

In 2011, I met more BIETians more frequently than I ever did in last 2-3 years and felt really great about it. Hope to continue the same in coming years when we would be celebrating completion of a decade out after college.

Professionally, sail in services industry was pretty stable in 2011 – a little more stable for the comfort of an impatient. Indian e-commerce grew leaps and bound in 2011 and a shift to an e-commerce startup seemed natural.  Time was to move to Snapdeal, an amazing startup and team. Moving to startup world from an established services world has been providing an amazingly different learning experience till date.

A year that will be… 2012

If 2011 was exciting, 2012 should be thrilling !

The new year resolutions would remain as they were in 2011 🙂 as most were not even attempted. Driving a lot meant I was driving a lot to office ;-). Bring the same from the 2011 resolutions page to 2012 with the hope I do not have to carry forward the same resolutions in 2013 (not because of Mayan calendar though):

  1. Drive a lot, again. Cover most weekend getaways in and around Delhi this year.
  2. Play at least two Cricket matches with real Cricket ball. Restart tennis.
  3. Write at least one blog post per week on this blog.
  4. Be a hard-core-geek again this year : explore algorithms, reverse engineer code; completely futile experiments included.
  5. Try new entrepreneurial ventures! (rephrase: when will I be a billionaire ? )



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