Minimum Viable Blog Posts

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Blogs are to books what Agile SaaS products are to Enterprise Suites.

Well, everybody faces the writers block. Not because they don’t have enough ideas,  but because they don’t think it’s ripe/finished yet to be published (err… released). A blog post is like a product that you are going to release. You keep on working on it to give it the launch “finish” so that it is “perfect” – keeping it away from the market for really long – and sometimes, till market out-times you.

The word is “Just Release It”. Don’t wait it to be perfect, it will never be. Just get the “Minimum Viable Product” out of the door.

Similarly, I am now going to follow Minimum Viable Blog Post methodology for the blog.

  • Don’t keep numerous DRAFTs to give them that ripe finish.
  • Right small, right in parts
  • Don’t try to cover the entire subject/issue
  • No need to create a background on the topic. Trust your readers, they get it.
  • Post frequently
  • Accept feedback. Update post if amiss.

I (am going to) love the agile for blog . Happy blogging! Do you already follow the agile way of blogging? Do share

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