Essential Free Apps for Android/Nexus One

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image After exploring my Google Nexus One phone based on Android, I could zero-in to these super-essential android apps available free in android market. These apps complete your new Nexus one/Andoid phone:

1. GMail and GTalk for Android

Gmail App for android is a must have, if you already have a GMail account. On nexus one and other smart phones, it comes pre-installed and you just need to setup your google account for the phone once and all Google Apps uses the same account. You can setup multiple gmail accounts as well.

2. Google Maps

Google Maps for Android works great and is a must have. Comes pre-installed on nexus. One down side is that it does not support offline maps as of now so you would need to have a WiFi/Mobile-Internet available while browsing it. Best part is that you get worldwide maps right at your fingertips.

Google Car Home app supports Voice Navigation for directions using the device GPS. (not sure if navigation works in countries other than USA)

3. Google Sky Map

Google Sky Map is another fun & knowledge app built for android. This is just awesome. Point the phone towards sky and it would present a star map marking starts in the sky.

4. Google Earth

Likes the Google Earth on your desktop? Then you would like it more on your android. 3D Maps are available literally at your fingertips and it caches some data too.

5. Google Goggles

Just amazing and comes pre-installed on Nexus. Take picture of the Barcode or a book cover or a sight, it magically finds out the things on Internet. Uses device GPS to analyze outdoor pictures to provide accurate results.

6. Twitter for Android

Finally, twitter decided to join the android Bandbagon and it said bye-bye to third party twitter apps for android. If you like to tweet, this app is for you.

7. Facebook for Android

Facebook app for android comes pre-installed on Nexus and provides most Facebook features available through web.

8. AK Notepad

Android does not come with a built in note/TODO/tasks app, and most would need one. There are many task/notepad apps with multiple features for example sharing notes online, attach pictures etc. However, for me, a note should be just a note and I don’t like to add to already over-networked social networking. So I would suggest this simple Notepad App which also have a reminder feature.

9. Amazon App for Android

If you use heavily: manages your wish list, search and order products, then amazon app provides easy access to your account from your android.

10. System

You would definitely need a task killer app on your android, and the free version of System app provides just that. The utility also provides useful CPU utilization and memory info.

11. Ringdroid

Need to cut your own ringtone clips from your favorite song? This app does exactly that and is extremely easy to use.

12. Nimbuzz

Why should we boot the computer for voice chat? And since Yahoo Messenger and Skype are not available for android, this app not only brings all popular IM messengers together (Yahoo, Skype, GTalk, AOL, Windows Live), you can make voice calls to your IM contacts too! This is a must-have. I wish it supported video calls too!

13. AndroZip

Managing Files on the SD card would require connecting the phone to Computer, unless you have a File Manager app. AndroZip can manage, move, copy files on phone with ease and it’s free too.

14. Bluetooth File Transfer

This app is a must have. Transfer  files over blue-tooth with ease.

15. MP3 Download

There are multiple apps available to find out and downlaod mp3 music from Internet. However, MP3 Download seems to be less buggy and pretty easy to use.

16. iTag

If you have MP3 music from multiple sources, they might not have the correct MP3 tags such as Title, Artist, Album, Genre. iTag can help you tag the MP3 songs easily.

17. Youtube App

Youtube App for Android provides easy access to youtube contents and also have features like record and upload video. Comes pre-installed on Nexus One.

18. WordPress for Android

Posting on your wordpress blog is now easy from android. Setup multiple accounts and publish/edit/delete posts and manage comments for your wordpress blog.

19. DailyStrip

If you are a Dilbert or Garfield fan, then go get it.

20. Google Finance

Google Finance helps keep tracking multiple stock market indices and stocks right from your android.

21. Google Translate

Translate from Google helps translating between multiple languages and text-to-speech is available too for several of them.

22. Kayak for Android

A frequent flier? Kayak helps finding out flights and hotels right from android phone.

23. GPS Status

GPS Status is a fine utility showing several of the GPS parameters and information.

24. Google Places Directory

For travelers: find popular restaurants, bars, attractions near you.

25. Google Shopper

Close cousin of Google Goggles. Find prices of books, packets at online store by just pointing the camera at barcode or the product you are looking at.

26. A Online Radio

Looking for online music that you want to listen to over the WiFi without botting up your PC? Download this app and enjoy the online music.

Search contacts or just anything inside your phone by gesturing the characters on the screen rather than typing using the keyboard.

28. Google Voice

Get a free US number and map it to your mobile number (US only). Get free voicemail and voicemail transcription on your e-mail as well. Ring multiple numbers and much more… Hope this would be available in other countries too.

29. Runkeeper

Track your tracks using the GPS on your device. This app tracks path, speed and distance of your run/walk. Quite helpful.

30. Sipdroid

This app is not for beginner but quite useful if you want to make voip calls from your phone. Setup sipdroid with Google voice and you could enjoy making and receiving calls within US for free (some weird configurations required).

31. Laputa II

Need a book reader for android? This one is one of the best free available book reader on android.

32. Basic Games

The following basic time-killers would keep you busy and entertained for long:

  • Labyrinth Lite
  • Orbs Knockoff
  • ThrottleCopter


Disclaimer: The apps might not have been reviewed for some/all of the app features. The review is from a first time user perspective and does not take into account each and every feature or app in the market. This review is just suggestive with no warranty whatsoever.

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