The Work-Gyan Balance for Bootstrapped Entrepreneurs

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A lot has been written about work-life balance. However, another balance that an entrepreneur needs to keep is the “work-gyan balance“.  As an entrepreneur your primary goal is to get shit done – the work; and the secondary is to remain connected to the world – networking & keeping up with trends – the gyan side.   The balance between your time spent on gyan vs the real stuff is critical and more so when you are a bootstrapped startup.

Below is an interesting take on work-gyan balance for a bootstrapped entrepreneurs over a month (in a lighter vein).

Work-gyan balance for entrepreneurs

Tweet. Tweet. Connect with bloggers. Attend every meetup of startups. Connecting with fellow entrepreneurs. Talk about trends, general gyan.

Week-2: Possibilities

Read every blog. Connect with authors. Comment on blogs. Network with bloggers. See the awe of possibilities and talk about possibilities.

Week-3: Balance It baby!

Keep networking in control baby! Focus on product/sales.

Week-4: Cash Flow?

Where is the cash? Get sales? Check out metrics for the month. Blogs are such a waste of time!

Week-5: Payday is coming! Mayday!

Oh Shit! Conversions okay, show me cash! Nice blog, doesn’t get me cash! Show me the money, honey.


Though the above graph is kind of exaggerated, the focus on “think less, ship more” must be the key for any startup.

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