Speaker Profile

prashant-bwPrashant Parashar, CTO at Zomato (www.zomato.com), is a technology professional with experience in developing and managing large–scale high availability software. Specializing in Internet technology, Prashant brings insights into how to grow and scale technology, particularly using cloud technologies. Being a former entrepreneur himself and having worked at Zomato, early stage of Snapdeal; Prashant comes with understanding of challenges faced by Internet & technology startups, especially in India. His complete linkedin profile here.


Speaker interests:

  • Technologies for Highly Available systems: Cloud, NoSQL databases, Caching, Modern Architectures, SoA, AWS etc
  • Scaling and growing technology/team along the demand
  • Starting up in India : Howto, lessons and handling failure
  • eCommerce/Internet
  • Highly available and scalable software architecture

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