Awesome List - AI and Machine Learning

  1. Course - Computational Linear Algebra
  2. Practical Deep Learning for Coders 2019
  3. course - Deep Learning Part 1
  4. Course - Cutting Edge Deep Learning Part 2
  5. Course - Machine Learning for Coders
  6. Dive into deep learning course - Berkley
  7. Learn TensorFlow and deep learning, without a Ph.D.
  8. Free Resources for beginners on Deep Learning
  9. A Tour of The Top 10 Algorithms for Machine Learning Newbies
  10. MNIST for ML beginners
  11. Online Course on Neural Networks by Hugo Larochelle
  12. Python Data Science Handbook
  13. Applied Deep Learning Tutorial
  14. Lecture Collection - Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition Spring 2017
  15. Kaggle Competition Solutions
  16. Developing Bug Free Machine Learning using Mathematics
  17. An end to end implementation of a Machine Learning pipeline
  18. Applications of Deep Learning
  19. Solving logistic regression
  20. An Overview of Multi-Task Learning in Deep Neural Networks
  21. Probability Theory Book - by Jaynes
  22. Building music recommender using Deep Learning
  23. Book - Artificial Intelligence a modern approach by Stuart Russel
  24. Awesome Machine Learning Resources - Programming
  25. Tensorflow Examples
  26. Think Stats
  27. Concrete Introduction to Probability
  28. Awesome Data Science Resources
  29. AI Cheat Sheets
  30. Oxford Deep NLP lectures
  31. Pytorch Tutorial
  32. Mobile Deep Learning
  33. Deep speech
  34. macOS for deep learning with Python, TensorFlow, and Keras
  35. Automatic License Plate Recognition library
  36. Google Colab Free GPU Tutorial
  37. Markov Chains in Python: Beginner Tutorial
  38. Mathematics for Machine Learning Book
  39. Technical Book on Deep Learning
  40. Understanding Basic Machine Learning Algorithms
  41. Book - Introduction to Applied Linear Algebra – Vectors, Matrices, and Least Squares
  42. Video Introduction to Bayesian Data Analysis, Part 1: What is Bayes?
  43. Hacker’s guide to Neural Networks
  44. MIT Deep Learning course material
  45. University of Toronto Self Driving Cars course


  1. a16z AI Playbook
  2. THE Machine Learning Course
  3. RNN Tutorial
  4. Machine Learning in Python
  5. Stanford Deep Learning Tutorial , []
  6. Python Sciekit
  7. Getting started with TensorFlow
  8. Deep Learning Book - MIT Press
  9. Neural Networks and Deep Learning Book
  10. Practical Deep Learning for Coders Course
  11. Deep Learning Comprehensive Course by Google
  12. Learn TensorFlow and Deep Learning without PhD
  13. tflearn - to learn Tensorflow
  14. Awesome Deep Learning Resources
  15. Awesome Deep Learning Papers
  16. Intelligence and Learning- introduction videos

Books and Foundation

  1. Understanding Machine Learning from Theory to Algorithms
  2. Foundations of Data Science Book


  1. Deep Learning for NLP resources
  2. Stanford Core NLP
  3. CMU Sphinx for Speech to Text

Useful resources

  1. Open AI
  2. Exploring LSTMs


  1. Netflix 3rd


  1. Foundations of Deep Learning
  2. Learning Collaborative Information Filters
  3. Collaborative Filtering for Implicit Feedback Datasets
  4. Sparse non-negative matrix factorizations via alternating non-negativity-constrained least squares for microarray data analysis
  5. BPR: Bayesian Personalized Ranking from Implicit Feedback
  6. Factorization Machines
  7. Restricted Boltzmann Machines for Collaborative Filtering


  1. Videos to Learn Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  3. Deep Learning Online courses list


  1. SyntaxNet


  1. Speech to text Sphinx