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SEO… huh? An Experiment with SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was never my cup of tea so I thought why not try a bit? I was amazed to see the power of SEO in bringing huge (huge for an experiment) traffic.

I decided to create a full experiment with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) from scratch. Got a fresh domain name –  a really long domain name (.in domain containing few popular keywords).  Setup just couple of pages with few original paragraphs containing loads of keywords and Adsense yet making some sense. Included some SEO guidelines on highlighting keywords with bold, underline and <strong>; and I was all set .

After observing traffic for first few weeks I thought SEO is an absurd overly-rated phenomenon and it’s really not my cuppa.  I stopped  logging-in to my Analytics account as well.

Today when I logged into my Analytics account I was pleasantly amazed by the power of SEO! I had not seen the kind of traffic on even my personal blog!  Here is a snapshot from my analytics account:


















The Experiment is still ON and so do keep checking this space for full details of the experiment. I would be publishing details on the website and more about the experiment soon!



3 comments for “SEO… huh? An Experiment with SEO”

  • Imran Jmi

    Indeed, it is really core technical bit to boost a site rating & visibility.

  • willianpierce

    Driving massive traffic to your site is really a challenge for each and every one of us.. I think the best tool on this is the use of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. 

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