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Minimum Viable Blog Posts

Blogs are to books what Agile SaaS products are to Enterprise Suites.

Well, everybody faces the writers block. Not because they don’t have enough ideas, ┬ábut because they don’t think it’s ripe/finished yet to be published (err… released). A blog post is like a product that you are going to release. You keep on working on it to give it the launch “finish” so that it is “perfect” – keeping it away from the market for really long – and sometimes, till market out-times you.

The word is “Just Release It”. Don’t wait it to be perfect, it will never be. Just get the “Minimum Viable Product” out of the door.

Similarly, I am now going to follow Minimum Viable Blog Post methodology for the blog.

  • Don’t keep numerous DRAFTs to give them that ripe finish.
  • Right small, right in parts
  • Don’t try to cover the entire subject/issue
  • No need to create a background on the topic. Trust your readers, they get it.
  • Post frequently
  • Accept feedback. Update post if amiss.

I (am going to) love the agile for blog . Happy blogging! Do you already follow the agile way of blogging? Do share


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