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Awesome Spring – Superlike @Cacheable @Async and @Scheduled

How many times in last 10 years I have to write code to cache things locally or in distributed cache? How many times did I write code to make heavy-lifting Java methods asynchronous? Probably numerous! Each time with different style for different product!   In years such a boilerplate code becomes just that- a boilerplate […]

Removing JSESSIONID from URLs for Spring Security 3.0+ applications

jsessionid in URLs look annoying, more so in search results. Disabling them from URL is just a configuration in your spring-security.xml file for Spring version 3.0 + : use the┬ádisable-url-rewriting=”true” in the security namespace for http tag. the http tag becomes: <security:http auto-config=”false” disable-url-rewriting=”true”> If you are not using http cofiguration and using FilterChainProxy, this […]