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JVM Off-heap Caching Libraries

Here’s another gem from Snapdeal Engineering blog : analysis and comparison of different off-heap caching solutions and performs benchmarking for their use-case. The Blog post describes benchmarking & analysis of concurrent hashmap (on-heap) vs EhCache vs MapDb vs Hazlecast vs Apache DirectMemory vs  HugeCollections libraries. The link -> and a snapshot from original post:

Tomcat – Sharing of Session Cookies across Subdomains

Since I have multiple microsites i.e. subdomains on , I needed a way for users to be logged-in to one subdomain and then access other subdomains without having to login again. I found out that it is fairly easy to achieve it through Tomcat context configuration. Here is the context configuration: <Context sessionCookiePath=”/” sessionCookieDomain=””> […]

Once Again, Twitter Drops Ruby for Java

Once Again, Twitter Drops Ruby for Java

XPath Evaluation in Java : Xalan XPath API vs Apache XmlBean

How to evaluate Xpath value for an XML in Java? Well there are couple of popular ways to evaluate XPath in Java. If you are using JDK 1.4 version than Xalan’s XPathAPI class is one of the most popular ways to evaluate XPath. Using XPathAPI is simple, use the following static method from XPathAPI class: […]

Profiling and Diagnosing Java Application: Tools

More often than not at some point of development, and hopefully before production :-), the applications needs to be tuned for performance. For a java/j2ee application the one of the first tasks of performance tuning should include profiling application for memory and CPU usage. There are multiple tools and multiple ways to do the profiling […]

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