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Is Timesdeal leak story a marketing super-shot?

Just read a story about the Timesdeal Coupon leak here and followed by a quick update from timesdeal that they would honor all deals. The problem apparently was with some internal coupon that got leaked out on the Internet. At almost the same time when I was reading the news I was going through Inbox […]

How to Build A Large And Scalable ECommerce Platform

Nice article on by Amitabh Mishra, VP Snapdeal providing insights into large scale ecommerce system!

Nice infographic on how to sell online

Nice amusing inforgraphic on what, why and where to sell your online products! Covers, rather funnily all online destinations including Craiglist, Etsy, Twitter, Adwords, Amazon and many more… Quite creative! Source:CPC Strategy Blog Thanks for the Hat Tip Srikanth

Another Facebook Ad pleading for click?

Spotted one Facebook ad from some Internet company. This is amusing. Can we be plain arbitrary or even mischievous to get better CTR for Facebook Ads? Is this probably why there is so much being said about Facebook Ads lately? It won’t hard to fill in the blanks in the above ad. No connect and […]