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Minimum Viable Blog Posts

Blogs are to books what Agile SaaS products are to Enterprise Suites. Well, everybody faces the writers block. Not because they don’t have enough ideas,  but because they don’t think it’s ripe/finished yet to be published (err… released). A blog post is like a product that you are going to release. You keep on working […]

Drafts, Drafts & Drafts…

Number of posts in my drafts section is at all time high! Need to finish off some quickly… Appearance Improvements

I added few small appearance improvements to , hope people out there like it! Feedback is always most welcome! Facebook Like button on the website and dedicated Facebook Page at Facebook Much improved commenting system (DISQUS) so that you can comment using Facebook, Google, Yahoo or Twitter ID or as a guest. Most popular […]

Essential tools : Running and Monetizing a blog or website

Here is a list of essential and some important  tools for running and Monetizing a website or your blog: Google Analytics – complete analytics on your website visitors. Google Adsense – Monetize the website. Display ads on website and earn money. Google Webmaster Tools – Set of tools to identify keywords for your site, top […]

Making of my blog (Get a website/blog cruising in minutes)!

Well, when I was offered a free domain while upgrading my web hosting account, I really did not have anything in particular in mind and booked this domain. Though it was not a lot of effort to setup my own blog on the domain,  most of the time it led to finding the right template, […]