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How to choose a NoSQL Database?

[Cross-posted on] NoSQL databases are now part of web-scale architecture. The question is when to use what? Below, I try to compare┬áthe NoSQL data stores that I have worked with. Hopefully, it would be useful for programmers exploring and deciding the technology for their web-scale application. When to use NoSQL Before deciding on to […]

Reference resources on NoSQL DB

NoSQL Databases and Comparisons Resources NoSQL DB is the coolest new thing on the block. It’s worth exploring no matter if it is useful for your website/webapp or not. I searched hard through web of content farms and collected some useful resources on comparison of NoSQL databases and more insights into some popular NoSQL databases […]

Netflix Cloud Architecture

Here is an extremely useful presentation by Netflix on Netflix’ cloud architecture and why & how they moved to Cloud. Presentation Copyright: Adrian Cockcroft, Original Author. Netflix in the cloud 2011 View more presentations from Adrian Cockcroft

Reddit’s downtime & resurrection of the Cloud Question!

So the Reddit was down for 6 hours and it brought back the question mark back to the “Cloud”. A big one. Reddit attributed their downtime to the cloud or specifically to Amazon EBS cloud! Reddit being an extremely popular website may not be able to afford another such showdown and need to think on […]