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JVM Off-heap Caching Libraries

Here’s another gem from Snapdeal Engineering blog : analysis and comparison of different off-heap caching solutions and performs benchmarking for their use-case. The Blog post describes benchmarking & analysis of concurrent hashmap (on-heap) vs EhCache vs MapDb vs Hazlecast vs Apache DirectMemory vs  HugeCollections libraries. The link -> and a snapshot from original post:

How to choose a NoSQL Database?

[Cross-posted on] NoSQL databases are now part of web-scale architecture. The question is when to use what? Below, I try to compare the NoSQL data stores that I have worked with. Hopefully, it would be useful for programmers exploring and deciding the technology for their web-scale application. When to use NoSQL Before deciding on to […]

git Primer : Quick Reference Guide

All Important Book: Install Latest Version sudo add-apt-repository ppa:git-core/ppa sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install git Intial Configuration git config –global “Prashant Parashar” git config –global “” git config –global core.editor vim To use https URL of repository and cache password: git config –global credential.helper cache git config –global credential.helper ‘cache –timeout=86400’ […]

JQuery Mobile App: Caching Pages in local Storage Seamlessly

While JQuery Mobile provides a way to cache and prefetch pages and store them in DOM, it does not provide a seamless mechanism to persist these pages in local storage. Local Storage a mechanism introduced in HTML5 to store data locally in the browser and remains persisted between browser sessions. The mechanism below has been […]

Tomcat – Sharing of Session Cookies across Subdomains

Since I have multiple microsites i.e. subdomains on , I needed a way for users to be logged-in to one subdomain and then access other subdomains without having to login again. I found out that it is fairly easy to achieve it through Tomcat context configuration. Here is the context configuration: <Context sessionCookiePath=”/” sessionCookieDomain=””> […]

Awesome Spring – Superlike @Cacheable @Async and @Scheduled

How many times in last 10 years I have to write code to cache things locally or in distributed cache? How many times did I write code to make heavy-lifting Java methods asynchronous? Probably numerous! Each time with different style for different product!   In years such a boilerplate code becomes just that- a boilerplate […]

Removing JSESSIONID from URLs for Spring Security 3.0+ applications

jsessionid in URLs look annoying, more so in search results. Disabling them from URL is just a configuration in your spring-security.xml file for Spring version 3.0 + : use the disable-url-rewriting=”true” in the security namespace for http tag. the http tag becomes: <security:http auto-config=”false” disable-url-rewriting=”true”> If you are not using http cofiguration and using FilterChainProxy, this […]

Reference resources on NoSQL DB

NoSQL Databases and Comparisons Resources NoSQL DB is the coolest new thing on the block. It’s worth exploring no matter if it is useful for your website/webapp or not. I searched hard through web of content farms and collected some useful resources on comparison of NoSQL databases and more insights into some popular NoSQL databases […]

Netflix Cloud Architecture

Here is an extremely useful presentation by Netflix on Netflix’ cloud architecture and why & how they moved to Cloud. Presentation Copyright: Adrian Cockcroft, Original Author. Netflix in the cloud 2011 View more presentations from Adrian Cockcroft

List of Useful Load Test Tools for Web Applications/Websites

Here is a list of some useful Load Testing tools for websites. I tried to keep the list limited to non-commercial/community-driven tools, however some commercial ones might have sneaked through. 1. Apache JMeter 2. OpenSTA 3. PyLot – Web performance tool 4. WCat- Web Capacity Analysis Tool  from Microsoft 5. Selenium 6. Grinder – Java load testing […]