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Presentation on Starting Up

Here’s the presentation for the talk delivered to students (too young!) of AIS, Saket. Tried to make them familiar with Start-up phenomenon.

The Work-Gyan Balance for Bootstrapped Entrepreneurs

A lot has been written about work-life balance. However, another balance that an entrepreneur needs to keep is the “work-gyan balance“.  As an entrepreneur your primary goal is to get shit done – the work; and the secondary is to remain connected to the world – networking & keeping up with trends – the gyan […]

Sales Tips for Indian Startups from #PNMeetup

Here’s the collection of sales tips for Indian startups from the wonderful #PNMeetup session on Saturday (19-Jan) by productnation.  Most tips would be for Indian market and B2B in general but might have a correlation to general sales as well. This is not an exhaustive list but are the ones from my notes so probably just the […]

There ain’t no sales guys!

There isn’t a core sales competency either! The sales as a competency does not exist in isolation anymore. If you are a sales guy and just “negotiations”, “bidding”, “references”, “strong customer base” without much of the “backing” is of no use in the long term. The backing is the knowledge of the product or services […]

My Book Wishlist

A collection of must read books on computer science, technology, entrepreneurship, business, product design & strategy. My wishlist from flipkart:    

Must-Read Books for Entrepreneurs & Technology Startups

Here is a list of must-read books for Technology startups and entrepreneurs (Not in any particular order). Founders at Work by Jessica Livingston Coders at Work by Peter Seibel Rework: Change The Way You Work Forever by Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hansson The Long Tail by Chris Anderson The Innovator’s Dilemma: The Revolutionary Book That […]