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Building microservices

Building microservices for highly scalable applications. Presentation used for a talk at Delhi Tech Meetup 2017. Direct link here.

Presentation on Starting Up

Here’s the presentation for the talk delivered to students (too young!) of AIS, Saket. Tried to make them familiar with Start-up phenomenon.

JVM Off-heap Caching Libraries

Here’s another gem from Snapdeal Engineering blog : analysis and comparison of different off-heap caching solutions and performs benchmarking for their use-case. The Blog post describes benchmarking & analysis of concurrent hashmap (on-heap) vs EhCache vs MapDb vs Hazlecast vs Apache DirectMemory vs  HugeCollections libraries. The link -> and a snapshot from original post:

How to choose a NoSQL Database?

[Cross-posted on] NoSQL databases are now part of web-scale architecture. The question is when to use what? Below, I try to compare the NoSQL data stores that I have worked with. Hopefully, it would be useful for programmers exploring and deciding the technology for their web-scale application. When to use NoSQL Before deciding on to […]

Computer Science – good free online learning resources

MIT: Stanford: Courses from other universities available at: Courses from Indian institutes – IIT & IISc:    

git Primer : Quick Reference Guide

All Important Book: Install Latest Version sudo add-apt-repository ppa:git-core/ppa sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install git Intial Configuration git config –global “Prashant Parashar” git config –global “” git config –global core.editor vim To use https URL of repository and cache password: git config –global credential.helper cache git config –global credential.helper ‘cache –timeout=86400’ […]

Facebook Auto-tagging and Happy New Year!

Posted some images last week on Facebook and it suggested to tag some friends in those pictures… and, Facebook was damn accurate in recognizing those people! I was like…wow! WTF! The future flashed right in. Imagine, you are wearing a Gooogle Glass device on a busy train station and as you gaze through the crowd, […]

Remove .svn files recursively on linux

find . -type d -name .svn -exec rm -rf {} \;  

Introduction to Agile

Introduction to Agile Practices from cspag67

Rainbow: Gimme some sunshine give me some rain…

Give me some sunshine, Give me some rain Give me another chance, I wanna grow up again…  IMO, we do get another chance to grow up once again… with our kids! And here’s how I became a kid again by writing a rhyme for my little one’s school recital. It was honestly a  big detour […]